Where are all the neurodivergent people coming from? Part III

Neurodiversity is one of the latest frontiers of workplace equity, diversity, and inclusion efforts. Organizations all around the world are recognizing the importance of different ways of thinking and doing work, especially with the unique talents that neurodivergent people bring. Awareness is the first step, but how do we take action on this? Read our suggestions for small changes that can have a big impact.

Mental Health as an Integral Part of DEI Policies in the Workplace

There is no way around it; we cannot discuss Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the workplace without recognizing and understanding that the mental health issues of employees are at the heart of the matter.

Take a break!

Take a break! Today we are announcing that we will be taking a brief break from our work — including our blog — for the month of July. We believe that rest is paramount to work-life balance. As activists and scholars like Tricia Hersey aka “The Nap Bishop” say, rest is revolutionary in a capitalistContinue reading “Take a break!”

Sikh Heritage Month: What it is and how you can celebrate  

Sikh Heritage Month: What it is and how you can celebrate

In April, Canadians across the country mark the beginning of Sikh Heritage Month–and on April 14, Sikhs world-wide celebrate Vaisakhi. Whether in politics or sports, Canada’s Sikh community has been a part of the country’s DNA since the late 19th century. Not quite sure you understand what Sikhism is? Read on to find out, and explore a few ways to help celebrate Sikh Heritage Month.

How I Navigated the Return to Work in a Pandemic with an Invisible Disability 

How I Navigated the Return to Work in a Pandemic with an Invisible Disability 

Employers have a duty to accommodate; however, without clear guidelines and binding legislation in all provinces, employers are left to interpret what that means.

Here are 5 things organizations can do when a prospective employee has the courage to disclose a disability or directly request an accommodation.

Ramadan in the Workplace 

Ramadan in the Workplace

Creating inclusive spaces for Muslims during the holiest month of the year.

Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar, and marks the most holiest month for Muslims around the globe. Tradition holds that Allah (swt) revealed the first verses of the holy Quran to the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) during the month of Ramadan, on the night now known as Laylat al Qadr (Night of Power).

Read below to learn more about how you can support Muslims in the workplace during Ramadan.

Women in the Workplace: Busting Gender Bias and More

Women in the workplace

Thinking about gender equality beyond International Women’s Day.

International Women’s Day was last week, and while there is cause for appreciation and awe for working women everywhere, many are not so satisfied. The team at the Founders’ Fund highlighted on Instagram some of the ways women in Canada in particular have shouldered more struggles than ever, especially exacerbated by the pandemic.

Accommodations in a Post-COVID Workforce

Accommodations in a Post-Covid Workforce

What has your organization learned about accommodation in the pandemic?

There is no denying that workplaces have changes in enormous ways since 2020 and the current Covid-19 pandemic. One of the the biggest conversations in the aftermath has been that of accessibility and accommodation at work.

DEI trends and priorities for organizations in 2022

DEI trends and priorities for organizations in 2022

While no one can look into their tea leaves or crystal balls to predict the future, it’s not hard to make some educated guesses on the future of the workplace just by looking around. Industries must continue to adapt to the unknowns brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, and consumers continue to grow their consciousness when it comes to their consumption.