World Mental Health Day

Many of us spend most of our days working, whether that be remotely or in the office, so it is not particularly a surprise that much of our mental health is influenced by our workplaces. Although often viewed as a taboo topic to discuss in the workplace, employees do want to talk about mental health. A study in 2018 found that over 70 percent of employees want their employers to prioritize and champion mental health and well-being (Kohll, 2018). Employees want that shift and are asking for it. 

Take a break!

Take a break! Today we are announcing that we will be taking a brief break from our work — including our blog — for the month of July. We believe that rest is paramount to work-life balance. As activists and scholars like Tricia Hersey aka “The Nap Bishop” say, rest is revolutionary in a capitalistContinue reading “Take a break!”