Ramadan in the Workplace 

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Creating Inclusive Spaces for Muslims During the Holiest Month of the Year

Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar, and marks the holiest month for Muslims around the globe. Tradition holds that Allah (swt) revealed the first verses of the holy Quran to the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) during the month of Ramadan, on the night now known as Laylat al Qadr (Night of Power).

The month of Ramadan is a spiritual time of family, charity and introspection for Muslims. It is also the month of fasting, where no food or drink – including water – is to be consumed between sunrise and sunset. Fasting is an opportunity for Muslims to practice self-control, to avoid anger and immoral behaviour, and to show compassion. The practice of sustained fasting helps develop understanding and empathy for the poor and the hungry. For many Muslims, Ramadan is the most wonderful time of the year, with much celebration and community around the daily Iftar meal (breaking of the fast).

I had the privilege to observe and celebrate ten Ramadans overseas, and to experience first-hand the spiritual and physical benefits of fasting. What struck me most about Ramadan, was how school and work continued on as normal throughout the month, but with some accommodations to help get through the day.

Read below to learn more about how you can support Muslims in the workplace during Ramadan.

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