Summit Sessions: DEI Coaching

DEI Mastery: Personal Coaching, Transformative Results

Activate personal diversity, equity and inclusion training practices, enhance performance, and navigate challenges with tailored DEI coaching. Immediate support for your journey toward a more inclusive workplace.

Summit Sessions: Igniting DEI Transformation


Do you want to maximize the impact of your diversity, equity and inclusion training? Are you facing a DEI issue that requires urgent attention? Do you need a trusted and experienced DEI coaching consultant to bounce ideas off of and get expert advice?

Our Summit Sessions offer individuals a contract-free way to get immediate support and problem-solving assistance. With our Summit Sessions, you’ll have access to two of our senior DEI consulting experts. They will work with you to:

  • brainstorm ideas on equity and inclusion in the workplace
  • offer strategic feedback
  • provide actionable next steps to address your specific DEI priority item.

Are you a leader wondering how you can improve diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace? Are you a supervisor seeking tactical feedback on existing policies, programs and team dynamics? Or an employee experiencing exclusion or mistreatment? From conflict resolution in the workplace to unconscious biases, our Summit Sessions are designed to meet your individual needs.

We’re here to help you solve complex DEI challenges in simple, but meaningful and effective ways. Take your next step towards equity and inclusion in the workplace today.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Absolutely. DEI coaching is designed for individuals at all levels of familiarity with DEI concepts. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to deepen your understanding, the coaching adapts to your knowledge and experience.

Diversity, equity and inclusion training provides valuable insights and knowledge, while DEI coaching takes a personalized and action-oriented approach. Coaching delves into your specific challenges, offering tailored strategies, fostering self-awareness, and providing ongoing support to implement meaningful change in your day-to-day interactions and decision-making. It’s a more individualized and dynamic process, ensuring that the insights gained from training translate into practical actions and sustainable transformation. Coaching helps ensure diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace is sustainable.

Your DEI coaching journey starts with collaborative discussions. Through insightful conversations and well-crafted questions, we work together to uncover the unique challenges you are facing in your organization. This interactive process ensures that your coaching sessions are not only tailored but co-created, allowing you to actively contribute to identifying and addressing DEI roadblocks. Together, we imagine, implement, test, and refine solutions, fostering a dynamic coach-client relationship that results in a personalized and actionable roadmap for driving meaningful DEI progress.

Absolutely. DEI coaching is a versatile tool that can assist in numerous areas. For instance, it can help you navigate scenarios such as:

  1. Understanding and addressing how biases might be affecting how you make decisions.
  2. Develop inclusive practices as a leader.
  3. Learn and practice effective approaches to navigate and lead challenging DEI discussions.
  4. Explore ways to enhance the overall experience of colleagues and team members from diverse backgrounds.

These are just a few examples. DEI coaching is adaptable to your own personal needs and challenges.

DEI coaching aims for tangible results. We work together to set measurable goals, and progress is assessed through regular check-ins and evaluations based on the objectives we establish.

Confidentiality is a top priority. Your discussions and challenges shared during DEI coaching sessions are kept strictly confidential to create a safe space for open dialogue and exploration.

All of our Summit Sessions are led by a Trauma-Informed Coach, certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). This means that we are well-equipped to guide you through DEI challenges with a deep understanding of trauma’s impact, fostering a supportive and transformative coaching experience.

Summit Session DEI Coaching Testimonials

“I had six Summit Sessions with Sherilyn and Sky and it has been a really transformative journey for me. With their help, I have elevated my skills in DEI and I have had an easier time managing conversations on sensitive topics. They didn’t just provide answers, they asked critical questions that helped me take a step back and really unravel things on my own. If you’re aiming for growth and you want a reliable support system, I’d recommend booking a Summit Session and see how you do!”

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