How to Talk About Bodies — Neutrally and Authentically! 

In a spa or other physical treatment setting, there are things you and other practitioners need to know to provide effective and meaningful treatments to your clients. Here are some phrases we recommend avoiding, and how to replace them in your consultations and intake, to start your body neutrality practice. 

Is Your Organization Size Inclusive?

Incorporating size diversity into your company’s culture is fundamental to fostering inclusion. Here are 3 areas where your organization can begin to cultivate a size-inclusive culture right now.

Why Being an Ally During Cultural Holidays Matters – And How to Do It Right

If you read our post earlier this year on How a Diversity Calendar can Transform Your Workplace Culture, you know that there are many ways for organizations to utilize our Diversity calendar.

And while big moves like making holiday, vacation and personal time off policies are ideal, if you’re not in a leadership position or working in HR, you may not have the power to make changes like this.

But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do.

How to Make DEI Training Stick

Creating training on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) topics can be challenging. At MT Consulting Group, we use existing research to inform our content delivery and facilitation style. Below are 3 strategies we use that can help make your next DEI session memorable.

DEI Trends for 2023

What do employees want in 2023?  As the year comes to a close, there are many predictions for the future of work in 2023.  Although we can’t claim to know the future, we want to share 3 DEI trends that will impact organizations in the long and short term.  Flexible Work Arrangements  In a surveyContinue reading “DEI Trends for 2023”

Meet the Founders – Part I

Did you know that this month marks the 30th anniversary of Women’s History Month in Canada? This year’s theme is “She Did, So Now I Can” and aims to celebrate the trailblazers who pushed boundaries. As a woman-owned business, we want to take this month celebrate our very own trailblazers.

Exploring Inclusive Leadership

Exploring Inclusive Leadership

Meeting Individuals where they’re at with personalized leadershiop.

At one point in my career, my definition of inclusive leadership, among other things, meant a leader who would accommodate or recognize the need to accommodate my religious identity that may overlap with my work. 

Women in the Workplace: Busting Gender Bias and More

Women in the workplace

Thinking about gender equality beyond International Women’s Day.

International Women’s Day was last week, and while there is cause for appreciation and awe for working women everywhere, many are not so satisfied. The team at the Founders’ Fund highlighted on Instagram some of the ways women in Canada in particular have shouldered more struggles than ever, especially exacerbated by the pandemic.