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Elevate Your Organization with Intercultural Competence

Building a More Inclusive, Productive, and Profitable Workplace

Why is cultural competence important in the workplace? Imagine a world where cultural differences aren’t barriers but bridges. Where misunderstandings are replaced with meaningful connections. Where conflicts are transformed into collaborations. Let’s explore how the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI®) is a key tool for your organization’s  inclusive transformation.

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Why is Cultural Competence Important in the Workplace?

In today’s globalized world, organizations that neglect intercultural competence face an array of problems, including:

  • Miscommunication: Cultural misunderstandings can hinder clear communication among team members, leading to costly errors and setbacks.
  • Reduced Productivity: Employees may become disengaged and less productive when they feel misunderstood or undervalued.
  • Missed Opportunities: Failing to embrace diversity can limit innovation and growth. Don’t let your organization miss out on valuable insights and fresh perspectives.

Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) ®

The IDI ® is not a test; it’s a powerful tool that offers clear insights into how to improve cultural competence in the workplace. In straightforward terms, the IDI ® assesses individuals’ capability to:

  • Understand Cultural Differences: It helps individuals grasp the nuances of diverse cultures, reducing the risk of miscommunications.
  • Adapt Behaviour: The IDI® empowers individuals to adapt their behaviour and communication style according to cultural differences, fostering better relationships and outcomes.
Understand Cultural Differences
Organization with IDI

Why Your Organization Needs Intercultural Competence and the IDI®

  • Boosted Productivity: By enhancing intercultural competence, your team can collaborate more efficiently, minimize conflicts, and improve overall productivity.
  • Enhanced Innovation: Diverse perspectives are the breeding ground for innovation. This will give you a competitive edge, driving your organization forward.
  • Attract Top Talent: When candidates see your commitment to cultural competence and diversity and inclusion training, you attract a wider pool of diverse talent. This enhances the richness of your workforce.
  • Inclusive Communication: The IDI® promotes inclusive communication, creating a workplace where every voice is heard and valued.

The IDI® Assessment Process: Taking the First Step

Taking the IDI® is a straightforward process:

  1. Assessment: Individuals take the 50-question IDI®.
  2. Intercultural Development Continuum: The assessment places you on the Intercultural Development Continuum (IDC).
  3. Intercultural Development Plan (IDP): After the assessment, individuals receive an IDP, a roadmap tailored to their intercultural competence growth along the IDC.
  4. Qualified Guidance: Our experienced IDI Qualified Administrators review the results and discuss the next steps. This ensures that you, as an individual, make the most of the insights.
IDI Assessment

Want to Know How to Improve Cultural Competence in the Workplace?

By taking the IDI®, you’re taking an important step towards a more inclusive, productive, and profitable future. Are you ready to transform your organization? Sign up for the IDI® assessment and start your journey toward a more inclusive workplace.

IDI Package for Individuals


  • Detailed IDI assessment report
  • 1- hour individual debrief
  • Customized Intercultural Development Plan (IDP)

IDI Package for Organizations

What team members receive:

  • Detailed IDI ® assessment report
  • Aggregated group data and profile
  • 1- hour individual debrief    1-hour group debrief

What the organization receives:

  • Customized Intercultural Development Plan (IDP)
  • Aggregated Group Intercultural Development Plan

Frequently Asked Questions:

The IDI® is for both individuals and organizations committed to enhancing intercultural competence. It’s a valuable tool for:

  • Individuals looking to develop cultural awareness and adaptability, foster meaningful connections, and enhance their personal growth.
  • Organizations seeking to create more inclusive and productive environments, boost innovation, and attract a diverse talent pool.

The IDI® consists of 50 questions, usually taking not more than 30 minutes to complete.

The IDI® is not an assessment you can prepare for in the traditional sense. It’s not a test that requires prior knowledge or memorization. Instead, the IDI® is designed to capture your natural responses and instincts when it comes to intercultural competence.

The assessment is meant to reflect your genuine thoughts, feelings, and behaviors when encountering cultural differences. Therefore, there is no need for pre-study or preparation. It’s about being authentic in your responses to the questions, which will provide the most accurate insights into your intercultural competence.

Instead of a numerical score, individuals are placed on the Intercultural Development Continuum (IDC). This continuum consists of six stages, ranging from “Denial” to “Adaptation.”

The IDC is used to identify an individual’s current position on their intercultural competence journey. It’s about understanding where someone stands in their ability to navigate cultural differences and adapt their behaviour. This approach allows for a more holistic understanding of intercultural competence and sets the foundation for the personalized development plan (IDP).

Yes! In the individual debrief, each individual receives a personalized Intercultural Development Plan (IDP) as a roadmap for growth. The IDP includes specific, measurable goals and strategies for development. Progress is monitored through self-assessment, and our administrators are available for ongoing support. Many organizations choose to take the IDI® assessment annually to track and report on their progress across the Intercultural Development Continuum.

The credibility of the IDI® is upheld through rigorous research, reliability, and validity testing. The IDI® is continuously refined and tested to ensure its accuracy and effectiveness. Additionally, it can only be administered by qualified professionals who have been trained to interpret and debrief the results, providing further assurance of its reliability. More than 1million people in 60 countries have taken the IDI® assessment to date.

If you’re seeking extra support beyond your Intercultural Development Plan (IDP), our 3-hour coaching package, led by our experienced coaches and IDI Qualified Administrators, is tailored to propel you forward along the Intercultural Development Continuum (IDC). This personalized coaching experience accelerates your intercultural competence journey, ensuring you reach your goals and make the most of your customized IDP. Contact us directly to get started with your coaching plan.

Yes! In this dynamic 3-hour workshop you will unlock the power of effective intercultural communication. You will move beyond theory to gain real-world skills that propel you along the Intercultural Development Continuum (IDC).

In this interactive session, you’ll explore practical concepts like bridging cultural gaps, understanding diverse perspectives, and sharpening your communication skills. Our training provides the tools you need to succeed in today’s globalized world.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Develop self-awareness and overcome cultural biases.
  • Navigate cultural differences with confidence.
  • Harness the impact of culture on your communication and behaviour.
  • Hone your perspective-taking and empathy skills.
  • Foster connections with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Contact us directly to bring Intercultural Communications training to your organization.

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