Basecamp DEI Training

Navigate workplace inclusion with Basecamp, our signature DEI training series.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are more than just buzzwords. They’re critical components of a healthy, productive, and innovative workplace. 

Basecamp, our three-part DEI training series, isn’t just a course; it’s a transformative experience. This workplace diversity and inclusion training is designed for medium to large organizations seeking real change. Through our unique Conscious Facilitation approach and engaging sessions, we empower your team to foster inclusivity, mitigate biases, and champion allyship in the workplace.

Transform your Workplace with Basecamp: DEI Training

Highly inclusive companies have better bottom lines, experiencing 1.4x more revenue growth. 

In today’s dynamic landscape, inclusion is not just an ideal; it’s a business imperative. Is your team new to working with each other or new to DEI in general? Maybe you’re lacking a shared, foundation of DEI knowledge. Our Basecamp three-course DEI training certificate program is the ideal starting point. With our help, you can cultivate a shared understanding and set the stage for an inclusive workplace culture. One where every single employee feels that they belong.

Sky and Sherilyn brought this important topic to our team in a kind, straightforward manner. They met the group where they were at in their diversity journey and educated in a no-shame environment.


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Foundations

The first course in our Basecamp series is DEI Foundations. Here, participants will delve into the business case for diversity. They’ll learn how creating an inclusive workplace is not only the right thing to do, but also the smart thing. They will explore core concepts like identity, power, and privilege. This will allow participants to gain a deeper understanding of how these factors impact workplace dynamics.


Unconscious Bias Foundations

The second course in our Basecamp series is Unconscious Bias Foundations. We’ll take a closer look at how our brains make automatic decisions based on societal norms and stereotypes. Participants will learn how to recognize and interrupt their own biases through this valuable unconscious bias training. This will facilitate the creation of a culture that mitigates the impact of unconscious bias in the workplace.



The final course in our Basecamp series, Allyship, explores the role of allies in creating a more inclusive workplace. Participants will learn how to recognize and address microaggressions and other inequities, and how to use their privilege to advocate with and for marginalized colleagues.

Conscious Facilitation: Our Approach to Culture Change

As Certified XChange Guides, our style is grounded in conscious facilitation. Our transformative approach that shifts from being the “sage on the stage” to the “guide on the side.” Here’s what that involves:

  • Asking, Inviting, Unlocking: We replace “knowing, telling and controlling” with “asking, inviting and unlocking.” This approach harnesses collective wisdom, enabling participants to amplify learning, create authentic connections, and build community.
  • From Ideating to Implementation: The XChange Approach, rooted in Neuroscience and Positive Psychology, empowers inclusive conversations leading to inspired action. It bridges ideas to implementation, making it a powerful tool for impactful and sustainable change.
  • Transforming Learning Experiences: The most fundamental experience of being human is belonging. We believe that when groups come together, it enables our capacity to learn, solve and create exponentially.

This course provided a new way to view diversity and equity. I appreciated the facilitators’ comfort with the topic and the structure of the session. I would highly recommend to other organizations.

Engage, Tailor & Sustain: The Basecamp DEI Training Journey

Embark on a comprehensive diversity, equity and inclusion training experience crafted to your organization’s unique context. From the very start, we are committed to understanding your team, shaping expectations, and providing the resources needed for a sustained impact. Here’s how we do that:

  1. The Intake Form: We engage each participant with a detailed intake form. This ensures the program design is customized to your goals and gives your organization and team the greatest possible return on investment. The intake form is not just about names and titles, it’s about understanding who each team member is, what they do and what they aim to achieve through our DEI training.
  2. Pre-Event Communications: We work closely with your organization to tailor pre-event communications, setting the stage for shared understanding. This isn’t just about logistics – it’s about clarifying the “why” behind your DEI training journey and aligning training expectations.
  3. Pre and post-Event Learning Materials: Empower your team with workplace diversity and inclusion resources crafted by our team of expert DEI facilitators. Our incredible workbook blends theory with action, providing a rich database of follow-up resources. It’s a tool designed to ensure that your DEI journey extends beyond the training room.
  4. Post-session Recap Document: Our journey doesn’t end when the training does. We provide a comprehensive recap document, a personalized post-session resource. This document encapsulates key learnings, insights and inspiration from our sessions. It leaves you with actionable ideas and a deeper understanding of your team’s DEI dynamics.
  5. Certificate of Completion: Celebrate your team’s achievement with our Certificate of Completion – a testament to their commitment to fostering diversity, equity and inclusion. This recognition goes beyond acknowledgement; it symbolizes a milestone in your organization’s DEI journey.

“This was a fantastic workshop and one I think everyone should take. The information was easy to understand, used different modes of engagement and was a safe place for reflection. Thank you for doing the work you do.”

Ready to make your DEI training journey extraordinary? Join Basecamp today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each of the three courses in the Basecamp series is 3-hours long and follows a highly interactive and engaging facilitation style, whether delivered online or in-person.

Basecamp is a foundational certification course tailored for medium to large organizations seeking to elevate inclusivity, diversity, and overall employee performance, extending its reach from staff to leadership and the C-suite.

To drive effective culture change, we advise beginning with leadership. For large organizations, starting with senior leaders, board members, HR, and DEI Committees (or relevant ERGs) establishes a solid foundation of inclusivity principles at the top. We then progress to empower people managers with tools for actionable change within their teams. Finally, the program extends to all members, fostering inclusivity at every level and sparking transformative change.

For smaller organizations with all-encompassing goals but limited capacity, we offer a streamlined approach, bringing leaders and staff together in a collaborative space to initiate and sustain impactful culture change.

Absolutely! Basecamp’s facilitators work closely with your organization to understand its distinct challenges, tailoring content and activities to address specific needs and foster meaningful change.

Yes! Basecamp’s courses are designed for both online and in-person engagement, ensuring that remote and virtual teams can benefit from the same interactive and engaging learning experience.

No. Each Basecamp course offers valuable insights independently of the others. But opting for the entire series provides a holistic understanding of the key challenges facing workplaces today. Here’s why:

  1. Comprehensive DEI Knowledge: Each course contributes to a broader and more nuanced understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), ensuring participants gain a comprehensive grasp of essential concepts.
  2. Addressing Interconnected Challenges: Workplace challenges related to diversity and inclusion are often interconnected. Completing the full series allows participants to explore the complexities of these challenges and develop strategies for addressing them collectively.
  3. Sustainable Culture Change: A holistic approach to DEI, as offered in the complete series, is crucial for fostering sustainable culture change. It equips participants with the tools and insights needed to enact meaningful, long-term transformation within their organizations.

Organizations receive added value through the participant workbook and the recap document. The workbook is a comprehensive resource blending theory with actionable steps, providing a rich database of follow-up materials. The recap document captures in detail the key learnings, insights, and inspiration from sessions. The recap is tailored to each organization’s cohort(s), featuring real-time quotes, insights, and reflections for deeper understanding and actionable ideas.

Many participants have received CPD hours when presenting the program materials to their accrediting body. Contact us if you need support in this area.

Beyond Basecamp: DEI Training, MT Consulting Group offers a full range of DEI services for individuals and organizations. We also offer a free monthly newsletter filled with actionable tips and resources and provide free DEI-related content on LinkedIn and Instagram.

To bring Basecamp to your organization, contact us directly. We’ll work with you to tailor the series to your specific needs and facilitate a transformative learning experience.

Basecamp Testimonials

“The facilitators, Sky and Sherilyn, were excellent: clear, attentive, well-prepared, and provided just enough guidance for the group while staying out of the way to allow participants to share and engage with each other. I am usually skeptical of DEI training, and I’ve experienced some that have felt rote and superficial, but this one pleasantly surprised me and it provided a forum for interesting reflection and discussion.”

“The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion course that Sky and Sherilyn delivered for our organization was so wonderful. The content was engaging and thought-provoking, and the facilitators guided us through exercises in a gentle, non-judgmental environment. I learned a lot from the experience and it inspires me to want to continue unpacking this content in the future.”

“Fantastically done, engaging and insightful.”

“This course is definitely worth taking, the discussions and information that came through were valuable, and the facilitators were very knowledgeable. Having the safe space as was provided here, to have open and honest conversations about issues that may be difficult to talk through, can only help towards more open and effective changes towards DEI.”

Contact us to learn more about Basecamp DEI Training, or about other solutions customized to suit your organization’s needs.
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