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Elevate Diversity, Transform Culture: Fractional Chief Diversity Officer Services

Strategic DEI Consulting for Sustainable Growth

Welcome to Canada’s leading Fractional Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) consulting service. Partner with seasoned DEI consulting experts to strategically shape your organization’s culture, foster inclusion, and drive measurable results.

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Fractional Chief Diversity Officer: Transformative DEI Consulting

As Canada’s sole provider of Fractional Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) services, we understand that every organization faces unique challenges on their journey toward diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Our Fractional CDOs stand as strategic partners. We work closely with Executives and Board members to bring about organizational transformation and cultural excellence.

Best for:

  • Medium and large enterprises with little to no dedicated DEI capacity for reputation, crisis, and change management.
  • Enterprises in need of DEI consulting experts to support the organization’s strategic vision. This includes crafting and implementing workplace DEI training, strategies and policies.
  • Enterprises wanting to improve employee recruitment and retention to support revenue goals.

Why a Fractional CDO?

Our Fractional CDO services provide more than just DEI consulting and workplace training. We become an integral part of your team, addressing specific pain points and fostering a culture of inclusivity. Here are just a few examples of how we can help:

  • Strategic and inclusive leadership for transformative change: Our Fractional CDOs leverage extensive experience and strategic insight to guide your organization in embedding diversity at its core. Collaborating closely with leadership, the board, and advisory councils, our CDOs shape and implement talent investments and diversity strategies aligned with your company goals.
  • Retention and recruitment excellence: Developing strategic hiring and retention efforts, our Fractional CDOs drive the identification and retention of a talented, diverse workforce. From staff to leadership, we enhance your organization’s capacity to attract and retain diverse talent.
  • Expert advice, reporting and guidance: Serving as a senior advisor to the President/CEO and leadership, our Fractional CDOs provide consistent advisory support. They collect, analyze, and disseminate relevant data and statistics to benchmark and promote accountability for diversity and inclusion.
  • Cost-effective solutions for strategic impact: Our Fractional CDO services offer access to a team of inclusion professionals on a part-time or project basis. This flexible approach allows you to benefit from high-level expertise without the cost and commitment of a full-time hire. Experiment with different solutions and workplace training plans before committing to something permanent.
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Advantages of choosing a Fractional CDO

  • Rapid infusion of specialized expertise: Engage Fractional CDOs with niche expertise for targeted, short-term projects, injecting specialized knowledge for transformative change.
  • Temporary leadership mentorship: Fractional CDOs can mentor internal talent interested in pursuing a full-time CDO role, providing valuable inclusive leadership coaching and insights.
  • Committee facilitation: Lead diversity committees, bringing expertise in managing complex and impactful initiatives.
  • Confidentiality and third-party neutrality: Maintain confidentiality and impartiality in sensitive matters, including internal investigations or conflicts.
  • Measurable short-term impact: Fractional CDOs can design and implement initiatives with clearly defined short-term goals, demonstrating tangible impact in a condensed timeframe.

Our Approach to DEI Consulting

At MT Consulting Group, our Fractional CDOs go beyond the traditional DEI consulting model. We work as part of your team, tailoring solutions to your organization’s unique challenges and opportunities. By engaging with us, you not only gain DEI expertise but also a strategic partner invested in your success.

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Ready to Transform Your Organization?

Take the next step toward a more inclusive and equitable workplace. Our Fractional Chief Diversity Officer services can address your organization’s specific needs and goals. Contact us today to discuss how

Frequently Asked Questions:

A Fractional Chief Diversity Officer brings specialized expertise to your organization without the commitment of a full-time hire. This model provides cost-effective access to high-level DEI guidance, allowing your organization to benefit from transformative insights and strategies without the long-term financial and personnel commitments associated with a full-time CDO.

As a Fractional Chief Diversity Officer, we join your team as advisors to Executives and Board members to foster organizational transformation and cultural excellence.

Our CDO services are best for:

  • Medium and large enterprises with little to no dedicated DEI capacity for reputation, crisis, and change management.
  • Enterprises in need of DEI experts to craft and implement strategies and policies to support the organization’s strategic vision.
  • Enterprises wanting to improve employee recruitment and retention to support revenue goals.

If your organization is navigating DEI challenges, lacks an in-house DEI strategy, or is entering a period of growth, a Fractional CDO can provide valuable insights. They’re particularly beneficial if you want to address issues preemptively or enhance your DEI initiatives on an ongoing basis.

The level of involvement from your internal team can be tailored to your preferences. The Fractional Chief Diversity Officer collaborates closely with your team, offering guidance and expertise. Your team’s participation in implementing strategies and initiatives can be adjusted based on your organizational capacity and priorities.

The Fractional Chief Diversity Officer adopts a comprehensive approach, engaging with leadership, middle management, and front-line staff as required. Through strategic planning, policy development, training programs, and ongoing communication, the Fractional CDO ensures that diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives are integrated throughout all levels of the organization.

Absolutely. Our Fractional CDOs focus on creating tangible, short-term goals that align with your organization’s DEI objectives. Their expertise allows them to identify key areas for improvement, implement targeted strategies, and demonstrate measurable results within a defined timeframe.

Our Fractional CDO services are based on a monthly membership model, which is designed for flexibility and allows your organization to commit to a customized monthly engagement. Each month, our Fractional Chief Diversity Officer collaborates with your team to tailor services, ensuring alignment with your unique organizational goals and needs. This approach provides continuous, personalized support in fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion within your organization.

Absolutely. The monthly membership model is designed to be flexible and scalable. Whether you’re a large enterprise or an SME, our Fractional CDOs will tailor their support to meet your organization’s unique needs, ensuring that DEI strategies align with your size and goals.

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