Compatibility and your DEI Consultant: 3 Key Considerations for Your Organization

It can be challenging to find the right fit when it comes to any new hire or contractor. With DEI Consultants, because their work can affect your business or organization in a wide variety of ways, compatibility is even more important. Whether your goals are to prevent discrimination in the workplace, or implement DEI training as a standard practice at your new business, the success of these goals will depend on the right fit of the professionals you engage to get them started. 

A DEI Consultant: How to Find the Right One in 3 Easy Steps

If you aren’t sure how to get started in the process of hiring DEI consultants, we’re here to break it down for you. Whether your workplace inclusivity project is a proactive approach or in response to discrimination in the workplace, here are the three steps to take when shopping for DEI consulting. 

4 Themes of Celebration: National Indigenous History Month 2024

In 2024, Indigenous History Month will feature weekly themes. Here’s how we are planning to celebrate, learn, and connect to Indigenous past, present, and future to match each theme. Most of these activities and resources are free or low-cost, so we hope you will be able to find some things to do this month, too! 

Chief Diversity Officers are the Key to DEI Success 

Drive inclusion with strategic diversity and inclusion consulting Equity, diversity and inclusion (DEI) are hot topics in the modern workplace. But for it to be truly successful, companies and organizations must be strategic, and prioritize the work appropriately. A Chief Diversity Officer should play a key role in that strategy. Maybe you’ve engaged DEI consultants forContinue reading “Chief Diversity Officers are the Key to DEI Success “

Addressing Body Image Concerns: How to Start Conversations in the Spa

As you work to create a quality spa that enthusiastically welcomes clients of all sizes and shapes, it is paramount that you are ready to provide care through sensitive, supportive, and non-judgmental conversations. Here are our top ways to do just that in your business, and in your everyday life!

Easing Gender Transitioning Employees, Part I: First Step Tips for Supervisors and Managers

An introductory guide to ensuring an inclusive workplace for team members in gender transition So you have a team member whose gender identity is changing, and you want to support them while at work. If you are feeling uncertain about the differences between gender identity and gender expression, and what all this means for yourContinue reading “Easing Gender Transitioning Employees, Part I: First Step Tips for Supervisors and Managers”