Are you an inclusive leader?

A 6-week executive certificate program equipping mid-level leaders with the skills, strategies and personalized growth plan they need to lead diverse teams inclusively and create cultures of belonging.

Inclusive leaders drive change

  • Innovation
  • High performing diverse teams
  • Employee engagement
  • Transformative conversations
  • Authentic workplace culture

Executive Certificate in Inclusive Leadership

Most leaders intuitively know that diversity can lead to creativity, innovation and better overall performance. Few leaders know how to actually capitalize on diversity’s potential. Our 6-week certificate program equips leaders with the skills, strategies and language – and a safe environment to practice them in – needed to cultivate teams where every single person feels they belong.

Who is this program for?

Managers with 5+ years of experience and/or responsibilities in at least one of: hiring, promoting, development, and mentoring. Professionals from any industry and type of organization are welcome.

Individuals and teams are welcome. Participation by more than one person in an organization will foster teamwork and can amplify our program’s impact on your organization.

A hybrid delivery model of self-study and synchronous online coaching makes this six-week certificate program the perfect choice for professionals who need flexibility.

What you’ll get:

Image of six study folders yellow and blue

Six self-study units on topics in Inclusive Leadership

  • Inclusion as a business imperative
  • Self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Bias and privilege in the workplace
  • Models of inclusive leadership
  • Inclusive communication
  • Transforming inclusive values into inclusive leadership
A clip board with an Intercultural Development Inventory Assessment and a magnifying glass to read it

Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) individualized assessment, debrief and personalized growth plan

  • The IDI is the premier cross-cultural assessment of intercultural competence that is used by thousands of individuals and organizations to achieve diversity and inclusion goals and outcomes
  • The IDI is the only theory-based assessment of intercultural competence. It provides in-depth insights on how you make sense and respond to cultural differences and measures both mindset and skillset
Four people exchanging ideas in a group coaching setting

12 hours of live online group coaching sessions

  • Gain confidence in resolving inclusion-related workplace challenges
  • Practice creating psychologically safe spaces to encourage dialogue
  • Engage effectively in difficult conversations around inclusion
  • Develop your unique presence in leading inclusively
  • Self-advocate
Two people sitting at a table exchanging ideas

One hour individual coaching session post-certificate to follow up on your progress

5 Human icons connected around a globe

Six-month membership to our exclusive online community of practice

Next cohort begins May 6th .

“This day and age, everyone should take this course.”

“Fantastically done, engaging and insightful.”

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