Diversity Calendar Toolkit

A collage featuring themes and symbols from celebration days on the diversity calendar including Lunar New Year, Eid, Hanukkah, Diwali and Red Dress Day.

Simplify Diversity

With Your Easy Guide to Inclusion Using our Complete Calendar Toolkit

Experience a transformative shift in workplace dynamics with our 2024 Diversity Calendar Toolkit, offering tailor-made inclusivity, effortless implementation, enhanced social presence, and more. Streamline the path to future-ready inclusion practices. From cultivating team harmony to boosting employee engagement, this toolkit can help lead your business to success.

Start small, dream big, and let diversity lead the way.

Four mobile phones are lined up in a row against a blue background Each phone screen features a colour celebratory image honouring diversity calendar dates Sikh Heritage Month Holi Eid and Diwali

Celebrate what Matters Most.

Are you a small businesses or organization looking to embrace diversity and inclusion, but you’re just not sure where to start? Our Diversity Calendar Toolkit is your practical first step.

No jargon, no complications – just a straightforward guide to understanding and celebrating your diverse teams and clientele.

Elevate your team dynamics, innovation and success. More than your typical cultural calendar, this simple, effective tool that makes diversity and inclusion an everyday practice.

What’s Inside: Your Diversity Calendar Toolkit Explained

Secure a lifetime of inclusive success with a one-time investment in our toolkit. While you purchase the toolkit once, the timeless resources inside ensure reusability. This makes it a cost-effective solution for your ongoing diversity and inclusion journey.

Inside your toolkit:

  • Complimentary Consultation: Embark on your inclusive journey with a complimentary 30-minute consultation, guiding you on maximizing the toolkit’s impact.
  • 2024 Diversity Calendar: It’s an essential tool for your organization to improve employee engagement. It helps you plan and celebrate various cultural, religious, and diversity-related events throughout the year. Infuse your brand identity into the calendar — add your logo, brand colours, and highlight dates significant to your business.
  • Employee Insights Survey: Utilize this pre-designed survey featuring tailored questions to gain valuable insights into the priorities of your team or client base.
  • 15 Expertly Crafted Holiday Posters: Enhance your internal and external communications for over a dozen major holiday celebrations or observances. This helps foster a deeper understanding and celebration of diversity within your organization. Strengthen team unity and diminish conflicts by promoting understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures, traditions and perspectives.
  • Ready-to-Use Social Media Packs: Boost your online presence effortlessly with pre-designed templates for 15 major calendar dates. Each pack features 45 professionally crafted, user-friendly templates for Instagram and LinkedIn. Customize these templates to your specific needs.
  • Inclusive Holiday Planning Guides: Gain access to exclusive micro-learning videos offering insights into Inclusive Event Planning and Inclusive Holiday Policy Design.
  • Exclusive Savings: Unlock a 10% discount on a curated selection of our additional products and services.
A laptop ipad and mobile phone open to Instagram show company diversity and inclusion posts celebrating Hanukkah Ramadan and Mental Health Awareness Month
Colourful poster fact sheets celebrating significant dates on the diversity calendar are displayed against a blue background Includes Orange Shirt Day Eid World Mental health Day and Hanukkah

Why use a Diversity Calendar?

Unlocking the power of diversity in your workplace is more achievable than you think. Our Diversity Calendar Toolkit serves as your strategic compass. Its purpose is to help you navigate the path toward workplace inclusion by celebrating the unique traditions of your team members and clientele. Here’s how this toolkit can make a difference for your business:

  • Cultural Awareness, Engagement, and Positive Workplace Dynamics: Including a wide range of celebrations and traditions on the calendar demonstrates a dedication to recognizing and appreciating diverse backgrounds, increasing employee engagement.
  • Strengthens Brand Image and Enhances Social Presence: By utilizing the toolkit to showcase a commitment to diversity, businesses can enhance their reputation and brand image. On top of that, they can strategically align their social media and marketing efforts with important cultural and diversity-related events. This dual approach increases visibility and impact with diverse audiences, attracting customers who prioritize socially responsible and inclusive companies.
  • Streamlines Planning, Saves Time & Resources, and Provides Tailored Solutions: Plan your diversity initiatives seamlessly throughout the year, saving valuable time and resources for other priorities. Tailor initiatives to your unique organizational culture and goals, ensuring a personalized and effective approach. Our toolkit simplifies the celebration of diversity, making it easy for your small business to thrive in an inclusive and dynamic environment.

How to Use a Diversity Calendar?

Unlock the full potential of your 2024 Diversity Calendar Toolkit. Strategically incorporating its resources to enhance inclusion in various facets of your business. While the toolkit comes complete with a detailed user guide, here’s a glimpse into some key strategies to maximize its impact:

  • 2024 Diversity Calendar: Post on your Intranet for employees to access and plan events, or feature it on your website to showcase your commitment to diversity and inclusion.
  • Employee Insights Survey: Distribute through email to gather internal feedback from your team. Or consider sharing it on your blog or in your newsletter to communicate transparency and openness.
  • Ready-to-Use Social Media Packs: Utilize the templates for regular posts on Instagram and LinkedIn, or incorporate them into your email campaigns for external communication.
  • Inclusive Holiday Planning Guides: Share videos internally during team meetings for educational purposes or include in the onboarding process for new employees to promote a culture of inclusivity.
A bright and colourful poster highlights dates from the diversity calendar including Nowruz Lunar New Year Orange Shirt Day Diwali Red Dress Day Sikh Heritage Month Ramadan and Hanukkah

Be at the Forefront of Workplace Inclusion

MT Consulting Group’s Diversity Calendar Toolkit will boost employee engagement, increase cultural awareness and transform your workplace. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your business with inclusivity.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

By utilizing the materials provided in the Diversity Calendar Toolkit, you’re not only fostering a workplace where everyone feels recognized and valued, but you’re also sending a powerful message to your broader community. As your organization becomes more reflective of the diversity around you, you’ll find an increased willingness from both your team and clients to engage, connect, and support your business. It’s a simple, yet impactful, first step towards building an inclusive brand that resonates with your community.

Absolutely! The Diversity Calendar Toolkit is designed with simplicity in mind. It offers a customizable calendar template, an employee engagement survey template to select or tailor content, and pre-made, customizable social media posts. No prior diversity expertise is required to get started.

No worries at all! The Diversity Calendar Toolkit is designed to be flexible. If you prefer a hassle-free experience or don’t need or want to use your own logo on the materials, we provide a copy for use as-is. Taking it one step further, if you would like us to take care of everything, including customization and posting, we’ve got you covered. Simply contact us, and we’ll ensure your calendar is tailored to your business needs, saving you time and effort. Whether you’re a hands-on customizer or looking for a more turnkey solution, the toolkit adapts to your preferences.

The Diversity Calendar Toolkit is intentionally crafted to be widely inclusive. While the employee engagement survey template helps tailor the content to your specific audience, the materials have been designed to encompass some of the most common and widely observed dates celebrated by communities in Canada. This ensures that all the materials are relevant and can be utilized regardless of your organization’s unique composition. So, whether you’re aiming for broad inclusivity or customization, the toolkit offers a comprehensive approach to suit your needs.

Your purchase includes a complimentary 30-minute consultation to discuss how to use the calendar effectively. Additionally, you’ll receive a 10% discount on select products and services, ensuring ongoing support as your diversity initiatives evolve..

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