Is your company losing money to high rates of turnover? Struggling to come up with innovative ideas? Missing opportunities to capitalize on diversity?


Our team of diversity and inclusion experts provide you with the services you need to build inclusive workplaces. We help you understand where you are and help you identify where you want to be.

For organizations that are just beginning their journey, our workplace audit and inclusion survey will give you a holistic view of your current state and will provide you with the information you need to move forward.

We help organizations goal-set using evidence-based research and established best practices and benchmarks. We will show you how to go beyond grand diversity and inclusion statements to identify achievable metrics of success that are unique to your organization and industry. We are qualified assessors of the Intercultural Development Inventory and Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Benchmarks.

We guide you through the policy development process and help you devise strategies that are authentic for your organization and will hold you accountable.

We help organizations establish inclusive recruitment practices because in today’s environment, a diverse workforce is more than a nice-to-have. A diversified workforce is crucial for establishing a strong employer brand and attracting top talent to your organization.

For organizations who are eager in putting theory into practice, we offer trauma-informed coaching to practice difficult conversations and move debate into dialogue. We approach our work through a trauma-informed lens, as we survive and try to thrive in highly uncertain times. .

We are committed to working through a trauma-informed lens and place the utmost importance on the concepts of cultural safety and humility.

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Are you an individual looking to expand your knowledge on Diversity & Inclusion? Check out our different training options and see what is right for you.

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