The Challenge of Inclusive Marketing: Addressing Size Bias in Stock Imagery

A person relaxing on the beach, letting the sun shine on their skin while on vacation on a poster at a travel agency. The photo on the local coffee shop’s Instagram page, of a guest drinking from a mug. The people you see embracing on the cover of a romance novel. In your mind, howContinue reading “The Challenge of Inclusive Marketing: Addressing Size Bias in Stock Imagery”

Three Easy Ways to Make Your Spa More Size-Inclusive

Spa business planning to combat weight stigma

While dismantling fatphobia and negative bias is complex and requires work, it doesn’t all need to be overly complex! We’ve compiled a list of relatively easy steps to take, to start your journey towards creating a spa that embraces body diversity, without taking a ton of time.

The Business Case for Size-Inclusive Spas

Why embracing fat-inclusive wellness will boost your business. Fatphobia, or discrimination against people based on the size and/or weight of their body, can be subtle or unintentional, but no less harmful to your potential clients. We’re here today to help you consider the long-term benefits for your spa business to invest in size-inclusive equipment and practices for people of all shapes and sizes.

Is Your Organization Size Inclusive?

Incorporating size diversity into your company’s culture is fundamental to fostering inclusion. Here are 3 areas where your organization can begin to cultivate a size-inclusive culture right now.

All Bodies Belong in Nature

All bodies belong in nature. When I did an image search for “people in nature,” what I saw didn’t match this. You can probably guess what most of the people in the photos looked like. We are all told to go outdoors, to spend time in nature, but what barriers exist that prevent some peopleContinue reading “All Bodies Belong in Nature”