Training Your Spa Team for Inclusive Wellness: Essential Dos and Don’ts

An inclusive wellness practitioner stands in a spa with a clipboard in hand, representing diversity and inclusion training.

How diversity and inclusion training can build teams for inclusive wellness

In any successful business or organization, your staff are your best brand ambassadors. They are the main touchpoint between your business and your client, and will have the most impact on loyalty and relationship building. In today’s blog post, we are here to provide tips and training strategies to educate your spa staff on providing exceptional service to clients of all sizes. This in turn will bolster your spa business plan, as loyal clients return again and again knowing that they will always be welcome! 

Best Practices for Inclusivity Training

DO conduct regular workshops and seminars focusing on body positivity and diversity and inclusion training for all staff members. Make time for this on a regular, recurring basis to foster a culture of learning and continuous improvement in your spa. 

DO hire experts or consultants to provide insights and guidance on understanding diverse body types, cultural sensitivities, and communication strategies. It’s okay not to have all the answers: that’s what consultants like us are for! 

DON’T assume that training is a “one and done” scenario. The biases that created and uphold fatphobia and weight stigma are deeply rooted, and will take time and practice to un-learn. 

DO practice talking with different types of clients through role-playing to become better at understanding and communicating with them with empathy, understanding, and respect. 

DO start to embrace body diversity and body positivity on a regular basis, even before you do any formal training with your teams. 

Remember, diversity training is not just about policies and procedures—it’s about fostering a genuine understanding and empathy among your team. Encourage open dialogue about inclusivity and actively seek out resources like online courses or books on the topic. By prioritizing continuous learning, your spa can truly become a haven for all.

Ways to Start Practicing Inclusive Wellness Day-to-Day 

DO bust weight stigma by discouraging any negative comments or judgments related to a client’s body size, shape, or appearance.

DON’T trivialize body image concerns raised by clients, such as avoiding the subject altogether, or denying their experiences with weight bias. Follow your clients’ leads when it comes to talking about their bodies; they are the experts on their own experience, after all! 

DON’T assume that all clients have the same experiences or preferences; each individual is unique and may have different needs or concerns. When in doubt, a simple “How can I make you more comfortable today?” can work wonders! 

DO rehearse tailoring interactions to each client’s preferences and comfort levels.

DON’T dismiss or overlook client feedback, especially concerning inclusivity and related experiences at the spa. 

DO embrace feedback from clients as an opportunity to learn and improve your spa concepts. Feedback is love! While clients won’t always have the exact solutions that you will need, their insight on how you and your team are doing is invaluable because it can help you identify blind spots and give you direction when figuring out where your business can improve. 

If these do’s and don’ts feel overwhelming, or if you would like to delve deeper into your inclusive spa business planning, we have you covered. We created Larger Luxury because we want to help you foster a healing environment for everyBODY, so that no matter who walks through your door, your approach to inclusive wellness will make them feel relaxed, comforted, and worthy of luxury treatment! Visit our website today to get started

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