The Benefits of Cultural Competence in the Workplace

In today’s globalized world, cultural intelligence in the workplace isn’t just a nicety – it’s a necessity. Yet, many organizations grapple with a common problem: cultural misunderstandings, miscommunications, and diversity challenges that hinder growth and productivity.

Happy Asian Heritage Month! 

Happy Asian Heritage Month!

Asian people have had huge impacts on Canada and the world. In the month of May, we celebrate this illustrious history by recognizing the contributions of Asian people of all stripes — entrepreneurs, leaders, and more. 

The Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI®) 

The Intercultural Development Inventory

MT Consulting Group is happy to announce the offering of a new service – the Intercultural Development Inventory. As qualified assessors of the IDI, we administer the assessment, provide a debrief and prepare a personalized growth plan for professionals seeking to lead inclusively through increased intercultural competence.