The Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI®) 

An office with white walls and a wooden desk, atop sits a computer screen that reads Intercultural Development Inventory

MT Consulting Group is happy to announce the offering of a new service – the Intercultural Development Inventory. As qualified assessors of the IDI, we administer the assessment, provide a debrief and prepare a personalized growth plan for professionals seeking to lead inclusively through increased intercultural competence.

In this video, we provide answers to commonly asked questions about the Intercultural Development Inventory, including:

  • What does the IDI assess?
  • What is intercultural competence?
  • What are the kinds of questions that I’ll have to answer?
  • What does the debrief entail?
  • How actionable is the personalized growth plan?
  • I’m not a member of the dominant culture – will the IDI be of value to me?
  • I have had a lot of exposure to other cultures and I speak other languages – will the IDI be of value to me?
  • I don’t lead a team in my organization – will the IDI be of value to me?
  • What are some examples of ways in which my leadership can improve as a result of me taking the IDI?

Are you ready to build your intercultural competence and reach your organization’s inclusion goals? Contact us today:


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