Meet the Founders – Part II

In this blog post, we want to introduce co-founder Sherilyn Trompetter! Her passion for facilitation, coaching, and learning are key to her leadership at MT Consulting Group. So read on to learn about the “why” behind Sherilyn’s passion. 

This post was written after an interview with Sherilyn, conducted by Charlotte Wray. 

Who is Sherilyn Trompetter?

Drawn to empower others whenever she can, Sherilyn has always been a people person. She credits her professional and personal life to AIESEC, a student group focused on building cross-cultural understanding amongst youth. Not only did AIESEC introduce lifelong friendships, but also accelerated a lifelong desire to travel the world. It was through the group that Sherilyn was offered the opportunity to participate in an internship in India. There she supported families seeking educational opportunities in Canada. 

After graduation, Sherilyn eventually found herself back at the University of Alberta (U of A), as a staff working with Education Abroad. There she supported students who wanted to study and live abroad. Inspired by their experiences, Sherilyn decided to embark on her own study abroad journey, as an MBA student at both the U of A and Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico (Campus Guadalajara). After completing her degree, Sherilyn shifted into leadership roles in not-for-profit organisations before landing the role of Assistant Dean Student Services in the Faculty of Science at the U of A . From that point on, Sherilyn moved into program development roles supporting international students and international partnerships at UAInternational, and the Faculty of Arts. Now, she leverages her extensive experience in program development, international relations, and coaching to lead MT Consulting Group. 

“Part of my DNA is service” 

Sherilyn describes herself as Luisa from the Disney movie Encanto: an individual who is always eager to lend a helping hand. This dedication to serving others was nurtured from a young age, as Sherilyn was the oldest sibling and the oldest cousin born in Canada. Her dedication to people is the undercurrent of her career, however it was most apparent during her term as Assistant Director at Changing Together, A Centre for Immigrant Women. As Assistant Director, one of her many responsibilities was to research human trafficking of immigrant women into Alberta for the sex trade. As she connected with more organizations and community partners, it became obvious that their lens of human trafficking was too narrow. In a bid to broaden their support, Sherilyn and Andrea Burkhart co-founded Alberta Coalition on Human Trafficking in 2010, with the aim of building awareness and training to a larger audience. 15 years on, ACT Alberta continues to serve their vision of eradicating human trafficking through training programs, publishing researching, and victim supports.

A trauma-Informed Coach 

In 2021, Sherilyn’s focus shifted from program development to business development. Always an entrepreneur at heart, Sherilyn took the opportunity of a layoff from the University of Alberta in 2021 as a time to complete her coaching certificate. Sherilyn chose to specialise in trauma-informed coaching as a complement to her burgeoning career as a DEI consultant.  It can be easy to trivialise the microaggressions that occur while working as a racial or gender minority, but Sherilyn reminds us that these small patterns become trauma in our bodies, especially coming out of a global pandemic. As a coach, Sherilyn provides clarity and accountability, to help clients understand and work through their traumas. 

“In coaching, you see the person in front of you as whole and complete.”

As a business owner, a coach, a consultant, and a mother, Sherilyn strives to build and deepen relationships with the people around her. Whether she’s acting as a consultant or a coach, she strives to meet people where they’re at and respect the knowledge and experience that they bring.
If you are looking for a coach that can empower you in your career, we encourage you to book a coaching session with Sherilyn. Find out more about our coaching services here.

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