#WIRE Roundtable 

WIRE Roundtable. Women. Inclusion. Reconciliation. Equity.

In Episode 2, we discuss: What is psychological safety and why is this as inclusion, reconciliation, and equity?

The costs of not supporting healthy workplaces are high.

According to research reported in “Workplace Mental Health – A Review and Recommendations” by the Canadian Association for Mental Health (2020), the economic burden to business and the economy of mental illness in Canada “is estimated to be approximately $51 billion each year, with $6.3 billion resulting from lost productivity. By 2041, it is estimated that the cumulative cost of poor mental health to the Canadian economy will exceed $2.5 trillion.”

Leadership is critical in creating psychological safety so how do they do this and what kind of difference does it make? Beyond the financial impacts, there are immediate human impacts in a post-Covid world to ensure sustainable equitable workplaces.

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