It’s a New Year! Will you be a new you?

Rather than carrying the weight of a resolution to try and live up to, your word can give you more space and flexibility to help set yourself up for success. Where resolutions are heavy, full of expectation and high stakes, a theme word can give you more room to breathe, make mistakes, and get a little messy as you work towards your goals.

Here at MT Consulting Group, we can help you include anti-oppression and inclusivity as the new year unfolds. Like Tabaka’s word-of-the-year method, equity and inclusivity work is expansive, and requires intention and gentleness. We have some reflection questions to help start you on your journey towards inclusivity and equity practice: 

  • When you think of DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) work, what feelings come up first? 
  • When did you first become aware of systems of oppression? Where did you notice it (workplace, home, social circles)? Who was significant in that moment in time? What would you do differently if you could experience this again? 
  • Where do you feel yourself getting stuck when it comes to DEI work? 
  • What barriers or obstacles to DEI work can you recognize? 
  • What power or spheres of influence do you have, and how can you leverage them in your DEI work? 

Consider these questions and more to help guide your goal setting. Be honest with yourself, even if it is uncomfortable. Reflecting in a journal or aloud with trusted peers or friends can also help you solidify your thinking. 

Then, visit Tabaka’s question: “What mindset will help you to move forward?”, in this context. What do you need to get started on making changes? What theme will help motivate you? What touchstone do you need to stay inspired to learn and grow? 

If you are getting stuck, feel like you need some guidance, or would like to start your year with a retreat or workshop related to these themes, we can help. Visit our Services page for more about what we can offer, or drop us a line with your questions. We are more than happy to help with a listening ear and our expertise. 

What word did you come up with to start 2022 on the right foot? We would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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